Give $1 – Give Back to Our Veterans!

Donate one dollar to The Million Dollar ProgramOur goal it so raise one million dollars for America’s veterans – one dollar at a time. Let’s give back to our veterans who have made many, many sacrifices to protect our safety and freedom.

Donate $1 to The Million Dollar Program right now.

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What’s one dollar? I don’t know about you, but I can spend a dollar without even thinking about it. I probably have a dollar’s worth of change in my couch.

A dollar doesn’t buy much today, right? You might get a candy bar, a lottery ticket, or a cup of coffee.

But, what can one dollar do for our veterans? When you combine it with one million other dollars, it can do a lot!

Together, we can help veterans find employment, give them guidance as they adjust to home life, assist with housing and groceries, and fund counseling services.

Donate $1 to The Donate to The Million Dollar ProgramMillion Dollar Program today and help us change the lives of veterans – one dollar at a time!

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Honoring Korean War Veterans – Armistice Day

Korean War Memorial Veterans Armistice DayPresident Obama has declared Saturday, July 27th to be Korean War Veterans Armistice Day.

To commemorate the day, Obama will give a speech on Saturday at the Korean War Memorial in Washington, D.C. The day marks the 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean War.

The ceremony will also commemorate the beginning of a long and prosperous peace, as well as stability in the Pacific.

On Saturday, offer a special salute to our Korean War veterans. Like all of our veterans, they have earned our respect and support!

Read the full article in USA Today.


Chicago Leaves Out Veteran Entrepreneurs

businessman entrepreneur workingI just read an article in Crain’s Chicago Business that calls Chicago the start-up city for entrepreneurs. Yet, Chicago leaves out one important demographic when it helps start-up businesses: America’s veterans.

The veteran population in Chicago could benefit from a little help. According to the article, estimates show that Illinois is the home of more than 764,000 veterans, including 53,100 post-9/11 veterans. And, it appears that 35,000 new veterans will be coming to or returning to Illinois by 2016.

Other cities around the nation provide training and experience for aspiring veteran entrepreneurs. Why isn’t Chicago nurturing, mentoring, and supporting the veteran population?

Read the full article: Chicago is a startup city — but not for vets.

Thank you for supporting our veterans!

Support veterans donate to Soldiers to Work FoundationThank you to everyone who has supported us and donated to the Soldiers to Work Foundation. Your support shows our soldiers and veterans that you care about them and the sacrifices they have made for us.

We would love to get out in the community and meet our supporters and hear stories directly from America’s veterans. If you’re holding a community event in the coming weeks and months, we would be thrilled to participate and talk about the Soldiers to Work Foundation, our mission, and our role in veterans’ lives. Send us an email, and we’ll set it up!

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Support America’s Veterans this 4th of July

Recognize the sacrifices of America's soldiersHappy 4th of July! Welcome to the launch of the Soldiers to Work Foundation and the Million Dollar Program.

As we celebrate the day our nation claimed its independence in 1776, it is the perfect time to recognize America’s veterans.

Since the Declaration of Independence was signed more than 200 years ago, our country has seen multiple wars. We have called upon our sons and daughters to serve many times. In fact, there are over 21 million veterans living in this country today.

Most of us would think those veterans are probably doing all right. Sure, they may have some injuries from serving – physically, mentally, and even emotionally. But, they should have a military pension, health benefits, and other resources to draw upon. Right?

You may be surprised to learn that as many as 200,000 veterans could be homeless on any given night. Many more are struggling to find work, pay the rent, and put food on the table.

That’s why the Soldiers to Work Foundation is asking Americans to step up and help out our veterans. These men and women – and their families – have made many sacrifices in order to keep this country free.

Join us in raising One Million Dollars for veterans!

The Million Dollar Program is our challenge to Americans to raise $1 million to help serve those veterans who have served us. But, we’re not asking for a big contribution. All we are asking is for each person to give $1 to support veterans.

Your dollar can help veterans pay for housing, food, and basic necessities. Your dollar can assist a veteran in finding a job or receiving counseling or guidance.

As you watch fireworks, sit at a backyard picnic, or enjoy a parade, think about the veterans who have contributed so much to insure our freedom.

Then, give $1 to change a veteran’s life.