The Million Dollar Program

Help us raise ONE Million Dollars for veterans!

ONE dollar at a time.

You can give back to the veterans who have given so much of themselves for us.

The Soldiers to Work Foundation is challenging America to join us in raising $1 million to support veterans and their families. All we’re asking is for you to give $1.



Donate $1 now!



What’s one dollar? You can buy a cup of coffee, a lottery ticket, or a snack from a vending machine. But think about what your dollar can do for America’s veterans.

Your dollar – along with a million other dollars – helps veterans in so many ways. It assists veterans in finding employment, gives them guidance as they adjust to home life, and funds counseling services. In addition, it can provide food, as well as financial and housing assistance.

Our veterans and their families have made many, many sacrifices to protect our safety and freedom. Let’s change the lives of veterans and their families – one dollar at a time!

To Donate click here.


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